Month: April 2021

Men Who Do Love Women

There are many myths and labels on what should be  the  “real” men  in the collective imagination, but these have been replaced, or less supplemented by other more constructive. Sometimes, the passion between two lovers is referred to as something unstoppable, difficult to be controlled by its protagonists. This can be exciting at first, but

The Genius Of Genius

The figure of genius is the daughter of the Romantic era. Before, there was talk of wise men, scholars or artists with great skills. There was no doubt that the impressive attributes of these characters were the result of discipline and uncompromising dedication. In fact, the most admirable thing for the Greeks, for example, was

Chemobrain, A Side Effect Of Chemotherapy

Cancer treatments today are still very aggressive. Thus, and although in a good part of the cases the disease is overcome, there are undoubtedly important sequelae that are not always talked about. Some of them are cognitive impairment, low concentration or memory loss. They are side effects associated with what is known as chemobrain. For