6 Key Points To Be Happy Yes Or Yes According To Harvard

A famous Roman emperor capable of abolishing gladiatorial games once said: “The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.” His name was Marco Aurelio. Do you know how to offer quality to your thoughts ? Maybe not, but Harvard University does, that’s why it has provided us with 6 key points to be happy yes … or yes.

Perhaps this is the moment when many people think that this study from the prestigious university is one of the dozens that appear from time to time. I am not the one to judge those people, but I ask you to read the next paragraph at least. If you are not convinced, you can leave.

Harvard University is considered the best center on the planet to study psychology. Renowned personalities such as Tal Ben-Shahar and Howard Gardner teach there. Also, this study that we present began in 1938 and ended in 2012, so they have taken their time and been very thorough. If with these arguments you are not convinced, this is the point where you leave us. Otherwise, join us hand in hand with curiosity.

How to be happy according to Harvard

Nothing more and nothing less than 75 years and 20 million dollars this study from Harvard University has cost to shed light and fruit. Are you intrigued by the 6 key points that you consider are mandatory to be happy? Go for it.

1. Love can do everything

According to Dr. George Vaillant, one of the directors of the study throughout the 75 years, love is essential to be happy. Now, it is necessary to be aware of it and learn to face situations when it leaves or disappears.

Be that as it may, Vaillant has it very clear. He affirms with absolute resounding that “happiness is love.” So you know, if you want with all your soul to be happy, you have to open your heart.

2. Relationships and connections

The second key point that emerges from the study relates to meaningful relationships and connections. In this sense, we must be clear that family, friends and the social circle will be vital in our happiness and well-being.

According to science itself, close connections at work help reduce stress and serve as protection against complex situations. Thus, relationships in all areas are vital to be happy.

“The purpose of education is to make people want to do what they should do”

-Howard Gardner-

3. Alcohol as a negative point

Do you think that the joy and blush you feel when drinking alcohol is positive? Well, nothing is further from reality. According to this study, it is not only negative for physical health, it also causes emotional problems and depression if consumed in an abusive way.

In addition, the study interrelates excessive alcohol intake with tobacco consumption, which is not only a high cause of mortality, but also causes very negative effects on anyone. For example, in times of stress and when you cannot use tobacco, it makes you more vulnerable to anxiety.

4. Money is not the key

This study supports the well-known phrase “money does not bring happiness.” So working to get the most benefit is usually not a smart option. According to Vaillant, the basic thing is to feel fulfilled and happy with the job, beyond the remuneration.

In fact, this study reveals that money changes people for the worse. It is corrupting, it makes the individual bribable, it changes the principles of a subject and it can produce a negative investment in the priority of values.

5. The importance of optimism

According to the study, the optimistic children who were the subject of the research lived longer and had a more joyful life. However, this attitude must be accompanied by a way of being responsible and conscientious.

6. Our life is always open to change

Do you think your life is a mess? Do you think you’ve been wasting your time? Do you think that you can no longer do anything to improve? Well, you are erring. According to the study, any moment is a good time to change and start being happy.

You need to change your mindset and attitude. Begin to value the little things, improve habits towards healthier ones, not be martyred by failures and the past and, ultimately, be more positive and optimistic.

“Happiness is love. Point and end “

-George Vaillant-

After 75 years, $20 million and 268 subjects studied, this could be a very accurate picture of the conditions necessary to be happy. Do you dare to put it into practice? Well, go ahead, do not lose heart and enjoy your world.

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