7 Habits That Can Make You Less Attractive

Surely the following situation sounds familiar to you: you meet a person who seems very attractive to you, but when you start to discover him a little more, you only have in mind to run away from him.

Has this ever happened to you? I will tell you why.

Socially, we live in an era where our education guides us to give greater importance to physical and external appearance than to cultivate ourselves internally.

Because of this, we neglect negative habits and behaviors  that we continue to unconsciously maintain. These encourage us to become less attractive inwardly. We stop being connected to ourselves and our spiritual essence.

Therefore, I invite you to discover the 7 habits that can make you less attractive and thus avoid losing all your immense inner beauty:

1. Being rude and disrespectful. Losing one’s shape is by no means synonymous with a person who attracts or is attractive. Quite the opposite. As human beings, we prefer to hang out with those who make us feel good and happy. Thus allowing us to continue our vital development in a healthy way, to evolve.

Within this important habit, we will not leave aside the famous phrase of The world to be the world has to have everything.” We choose the people we want to be with and who we don’t, and believe me, if you are a rude or disrespectful person, very few will want to keep you by their side. 

2. Be insecure.  Throughout my life I have sinned a lot from this habit. When I was aware of him, I could perceive myself as a person who only cared and gave excessive importance to what he did not have .

Because of this, my strength was draining when I was able to focus on what is really essential: developing the innate talents that make each of us unique.

In addition, an insecure person usually lives his day to day with a fearful look towards life. Can you imagine how many things you can be missing because of it? Never forget it, you are unique. And you have everything you need to shine with your own light.

3. Be closed. When you are closed, you live feeling that the only valid thing in this life are your thoughts and your way of seeing things. Probably when this happens, you downplay the actions and feelings of those around you. That they care about you.

Imagine that you decide to help your best friend. With all your love you give him advice and he constantly throws ” that helping hand” on the ground. Why? He will always think that you are not right simply because you are not him.

4. Be a controller. Being around a controlling person is never easy, much less enjoyable. Those who are close to her will focus on not getting frustrated trying to live with her bossy behavior. Thinking that if you don’t do it, “it’s not well done ” you can go, little by little, leaving you alone.

5. You are not reciprocal. It is easy to ask them to listen to you, help you or any favor that does not come from you and you demand from another person. But what happens when you don’t offer the same back? Not being reciprocated is one of the most selfish and attractive traits it can take away from you.

6. You constantly complain. Of course, people who love you and want the best for you will listen to you on bad days. But abusing their trust and love towards you,  constantly complaining, will cause them to leave you for more than justified reasons.

It is true that complaining can serve as an outlet for a couple of days. But if you make it a habit, you will only stain your life with a “black” hue  and you will not get out of the hole that you are generating yourself with this thought.

7. You don’t take care of yourself. You will agree with me that not everything is having and achieving a spectacular physique. But just as important is not neglecting our hygiene and body condition. If this happens you will stop being attractive and  liking yourself, the fundamental point.

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