7 Ways To Manipulate You Without You Noticing

We all want to influence the behavior of others in one way or another. However, sometimes it goes to extremes  where it is not only intended to exert influence, but also to control. That’s when ways to manipulate you are put in place without you noticing.

These mechanisms are not complex or convoluted. Most of them correspond to everyday behaviors that go unnoticed. That is precisely why they are so problematic, because they are there without you noticing.

The basic instrument for the manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of the words you can control the people who use those words .

-Philip Dick-

In almost all of them, the contagion or provocation of basic emotions such as fear, anger or sympathy is used. They manipulate you by awakening those feelings and emotions in you, without there being a real reason for it. That is why it is good to know and identify them. These are 7 ways to manipulate you without you noticing. Are you ready to meet them?

1. Blaming, a form of silent manipulation

The guilt is an emotion that can become very intense and can cause some way act reasonably. It creates an unpleasant feeling because it basically confronts the individual with a code of ethics or customs that he accepts and values. In other words, he faces it with himself.

They manipulate you through guilt when others appropriate the right to judge your behavior and define whether what you do is good or bad. When you don’t have your own criteria, falling into that game is very easy. In this way, they get you to say or do something that perhaps only benefits others, but that you yourself see as a benefit, as it frees you from the feeling of guilt.

2. Make you feel insecure

Insecurity is another of those feelings that are often used by others to manipulate you. These are situations in which the other detects weaknesses in your convictions, or in your self-love, and takes advantage of them for their benefit.

Negative criticism of what you do or say, ridicule or disqualification are ways to manipulate you, thanks to insecurity. It also happens when they seek to confuse you. They make your simple mistakes complex, or make you believe that they know more about yourself than you do.

3. Pity

There are those who make victimization their main tool to manipulate others. They appear, often without being aware of it, as someone fragile or in a state of lack. They are trying to awaken compassion in the other and give rise to a feeling of guilt.

Posing yourself as someone with a permanent need for help and consideration from others is one of the ways to manipulate yourself without you noticing. You end up acting because you feel sorry for the other, without realizing that you have fallen into a network in which they are controlling your behavior.

4. Feed narcissism

You don’t always have to believe in flattery. Sometimes the intention of these is not really to highlight your virtues, but to bend your defenses and your will so that you are more manipulable. Whoever compliments you earns your good will, but many times they don’t do it with good intentions.

The best antidote to this is to know yourself well. No one knows your strengths or weaknesses better than yourself. This means that these effusive expressions of admiration or flattery do not take you by surprise, nor do they “soften” you.

5. Subtly intimidate

In order to intimidate another it is not necessary to yell at him or make direct threats. Manipulators are adept at sowing fear in others, often imperceptibly. It is simply about announcing, subtly, dangers in the face of certain behaviors.

They manipulate you, for example, when they tell you that you “should” act in a certain way, or you run the risk of a certain undesirable situation occurring. They are apparently appealing to reason, but deep down they only seek to condition you through fear.

6. Create false discords

People who create discord over everything are almost always manipulating you. They are those that for minimal issues are turned on and obfuscated. They end up making others believe that they should be treated in a special way, in exchange for having conflicts all the time.

These types of people manipulate you because in this way they get many to refrain from making a claim, or pointing out a fault. Others end up believing that it is they and not that person, who have the responsibility for conflicts. The manipulator always ends up getting his way.

7. Play dumb

Those who fake a deficiency they don’t really have are foolish. They are the ones who delegate hard work to others, because “they do it better.” In other words, they recharge others and they remain free and calm, supposedly because “they are worse than the others.”

They also manipulate you when they try to make you believe that they do not understand what you say, do not understand the consequences of their actions  or do not feel involved in a problem that concerns them. In this way, others are abused, almost always with impunity.

All these forms of manipulating you are harmful both for you and for those who exercise them. They only lead to false and abusive links. Under no circumstances should they be tolerated, because nothing good comes out of it.

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