Be Like The Lotus Flower: Be Reborn Every Day And Prevail Over Adversity

The nature is so exciting that gives us the answers more unexpected when not even thought they could exist beyond our mind, our hope and our desire to move forward. Far from showing a monotonous and predictable reality, each corner in which nature sprouts freely leaves us with a new teaching on what it means to inhabit this world. So it is with the lotus flower.

Nature is not only generous to science, but to our senses and our spirituality. So much so that, in the great variety of manifestations, species and phenomena that it produces, we find authentic lessons on how to face life. Authentic psychological theories without control of variables or analysis of reliability or validity, but that contain a message whose beauty and meaning is indisputable.

Among all the infinite and curious phenomena of nature is the Lotus flower. A sui generis phenomenon that is an exciting metaphor about life and the adversities we face every day.

The lotus flower

The lotus flower is a type of water lily, whose roots are based in the mud and mud of ponds and lakes. The lotus flower possesses the seed with the greatest longevity and resistance: it can last up to 30 centuries before blooming without losing its fertility.

The lotus flower is a symbol of the purity and beauty that can arise from a swampy ground

This beautiful flower emerges and thrives on mud, in bogs or swampy places and when it blooms it rises above the mud. At night, the flower petals close and the flower plunges under the water.  It closes to sink into the water but at dawn it rises again over the dirty water, intact and without traces of impurity due to the arrangement of its petals in a spiral.

The lotus flower has the peculiarity of being the only flower that is a fruit at the same time: the fruit is shaped like an inverted cone and is inside. When the flower is closed it does not smell, but when it opens its aroma is reminiscent of hyacinth.  Many consider its aroma hypnotic, capable of altering states of consciousness.