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Uses Of Electroconvulsive Therapy

Electroconvulsive therapy still carries a certain stigma, partly thanks to the image that it has been given in movies and on television. However, over the years many improvements have been made to the procedure and protocols and application recommendations have been established. Thanks to this, nowadays it is a safe and well tolerated technique, which

5 Everyday Brain Mistakes

There are several everyday brain mistakes that most of us miss. They are called cognitive biases and are due to an inaccurate processing of the information that reality gives us. The reason for these everyday brain errors to arise is that humans need to respond quickly to the stimuli they receive. For that reason, the

5 Types Of Psychotic Disorders

All psychotic disorders lead the person suffering from them to lose contact with reality. This is why hallucinations or delusions will be the most characteristic symptoms of any psychotic disorder. But are delusions and hallucinations exactly the same? In the first place, delusions are anomalous beliefs in the sense that their content is strange, improbable

Moving Home, More Than A Choice

Family mobilization, multiplicity of personal meanings, emotional turgidity, stress, problem problems … in short, a true crisis. These are just some of the aspects that come into play when someone has to move house, build a new one or decide to remodel an existing one. Because homes say much more about us than we think

He Listens With Enthusiasm To Small Things When They Are Little, For Them It Is Important

Listen carefully to whatever children want to say to you, whatever it is, for them it is the most important thing. His amazement, his enthusiasm, his discovery, his feelings, his emotions, his thoughts, his achievements, his evolution. There is a Catherine M. Wallace quote that should be burned into our skin: “listen carefully to whatever

On The Other Side Of Bullying There Are Also Heroes Who Fight For Their Convictions

Bullying is a scourge that has been silenced for many years. It has been covered in many ways. “They are children’s things”, “Children, you know, sometimes they can be cruel”, “That girl is very strange …”. Children or adolescents themselves have ended up seeing as something normal that there is a kind of scapegoat in