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The Possessiveness Of Love

Possessiveness is closely linked to jealousy, one of the great responsible for destroying relationships. But it is also a self-destructive feeling related to fear, mistrust and insecurity that possessive people feel. A feeling that acts slowly but steadily, gradually undermining the couple until they break up. But it is essential to distinguish between love and

Slave Grandfather Syndrome

The appearance of the phenomenon of the slave grandfather is largely due to the changes that the family structure has undergone in recent decades. With the incorporation of women into the world of work and the increase in life expectancy, more and more older people take care of their grandchildren full time. This, in part,

Men Who Do Love Women

There are many myths and labels on what should be  the  “real” men  in the collective imagination, but these have been replaced, or less supplemented by other more constructive. Sometimes, the passion between two lovers is referred to as something unstoppable, difficult to be controlled by its protagonists. This can be exciting at first, but