Curiosities Of Our Body

Our knowledge of how the human body works will never stop expanding. Some curiosities of our body, so fascinating and complex at the same time, show that we have surprising capacities that make us unique. We want to review some of them.

“Your body is a temple of nature and of the divine spirit. Keep it healthy; respect it; study it; grant him his rights. “

– Henri-Frédéric Amiel –

Some curiosities of our body

We are going to go through the human body to stop at singular and striking aspects, such as that at birth we all have blue eyes. Exposure to melanin is responsible, over time, for its final color. But there are many more curious aspects.

Reproduction and sexuality

Many scientific studies corroborate that, intrinsically, all women, absolutely all, are bisexual. Men, however, are straight or gay. Another curiosity: as a certainty it can be said that the penis of an average man is always three times the size of his thumb.

Sickness and death

Medical research determines that 90% of diseases are caused or worsened by stress. Statistically, both cardiac arrests and suicides occur much more frequently on Sunday.

A terrifying fact about our body, indicates that our head remains conscious between 15 and 20 seconds after being torn from the body. When we die, we instantly lose a few grams, the scientific explanation corroborates that when we die the body deflates and all the air is eliminated.

Muscles and skeleton

Its hardness is more consistent than metal, but the bones more resistant than steel, correspond to the hip and femur. We are born with 300 bones, of which 52 are found only in the feet.

To take a step we use 200 different muscles. We smile using 17 different muscles and, when we show anger and frown, up to 43. And another surprising fact about our body is that the most powerful muscle of all is the tongue.


Say as a peculiarity that you do not feel pain, you only encode it based on the signals and impulses it receives . Its most active time occurs while we sleep .

On the other hand, while our brain works it uses the same energy as a 10w power lamp. And we could store inside 5 times the content of the Encyclopedia Britannica. Obviously, we are only taking advantage of a tiny part of its full potential.

Some necessary functions of our body

When we sneeze, the air comes out at more than 100 miles per hour. Our ears produce huge amounts of wax to increase our defenses and, on average, each person lets out at least 14 flatulence a day.

Unnecessary, but painful parts

Our body has parts that we could do without. The tailbone hurts a lot if it fractures, but it is of no use at the end of our spine. The appendix is ​​of practically no use at all. Wisdom teeth are not useful, but they are very painful if they become inflamed.

Internal organs

Our internal organs have incredibly surprising capacities: our stomach acids are capable of disintegrating a blade. The area that the lung surface occupies, with thousands of branches, is the same as a tennis court.

The   human heart is capable of pressing the blood with such force as to send a jet more than 10 meters away. While we are alive our small intestine measures 3 meters, but when we die it reaches 8.

Other oddities and curious statistics of our body

Right-handed people often live 7 to 9 years longer than left-handed people. Women take twice as long to burn fat as men.

Furthermore, humans are the only species capable of producing tears for emotional reasons. The human body releases enough heat in half an hour to boil almost a pint of water.