Digital Violence, What Does It Consist Of?

Violence has a great impact. Now, it has been present throughout human history. Today is no exception; however, with the arrival of new technologies we have seen changes. Now we have a new type: digital violence.

Through this article we will take a tour of this, we will tell you what it consists of, how it is related to other types of violence, what strategies to use to anticipate ourselves and what to do if we find ourselves facing this type of violence.

Digital violence, what is it?

Digital violence is aggression through digital or telematic means. These are acts of harassment, threats, data breach, aggressive messages, dissemination of sexual content without consent and harassment.

One of the essential characteristics of digital violence is that it spreads rapidly as a result of the speed that new forms of communication allow us.

Consider that an aggressive message can be read in a minute in various parts of the world at the same time. In addition, digital violence occurs mainly through the internet and social networks. And, it can be done, through: messages, photographs, audios, infographics, video articles, etc.

Now, with the advancement of these means there are changes in security when it comes to navigation. Changes that go unnoticed by the general public, who on the other hand are not elusive threats.

Therefore, we speak that we are a very vulnerable population as far as digital is concerned. In this context, what are the similarities and differences between digital violence and other types of violence?

Digital violence and other types of violence

Digital violence s and unlike other types of violence by means of diffusion: the information technology. Digital content can be true or false; it is about violence because it is still a type of aggression.

Its consequences are mainly related to psychological damage. In addition, it is of great impact. So it can cause the same emotional, cognitive and social distress that others do. In fact, it is sometimes mixed with other types of violence, for example, gender or sexual, facilitated by these means.

With this we do not mean that these new forms of communication are harmful, it is yes, it is rather the misuse that they can be given. The important thing is that we use these means safely and that we know what the limits are and how to protect ourselves.

Prevention and management of digital violence

Digital violence is frequent. For this reason, it has been under the watchful eye of various actors who try to ensure protection in these media.

For example, the Stop Violence association, which helps people who are being attacked by this means and do not know who to turn to or how to act.

As a means of protection in some countries, the law of digital violence has been incorporated. For example, in Mexico, where the emphasis is on violence that has to do with any digital space, internet platforms, social networks and information technologies. In addition, it is specified that it attempts against:

  • The integrity.
  • Privacy.
  • Freedom.
  • Private life.

So, from the legal and social sphere, an attempt is made to protect people from this type of violence. But when it happens what can we do?

In addition to looking for associations or legal media that are fully aware of this type of violence to guide us, it is important that we know that we can go to a mental health professional – just as when we have a fever we go to the doctor or when our car breaks Let’s go to the workshop. This applies to both assailants and victims.

For violence, informing ourselves is perhaps the first strategy. Know how to be safe on the networks, make proper use of them and be aware of the laws that protect us in our country.

On the other hand, we must know that, although there has been a case of anonymous violence, it is important to go to the authorities, so it will be easier to trace who did it.

If we are witnesses, we can also act. It is important that we support the victim. Without going any further, the feeling of social support and support is one of the variables that most favors the reporting of any type of violence, including digital violence. Furthermore, we can ultimately report the situation for them.

Research is accumulating that helps us understand digital violence and serves as guidance and prevention. For example, the one written by Mancera Rueda, published in the Discourse & Society Magazine , focuses on digital violence that occurs in different opinion forums, such as social networks.

Another scientific approach, from the research is that of Acuña, Cuervo and Murrieta, it shows us how the lack of guidance regarding the use of digital media generates a new context for victimization and aggression behaviors.

In short, digital violence is everyone’s business. Together we can help prevention and reporting. Furthermore, it is a violence that often happens below the surface, hidden, disguised. A fact that only makes it more dangerous.