Does The Weather Influence Violent Attitudes?

A study by Spanish scientists, which will be published next December in the journal Science of The Total Environment,  relates heat waves to aggressiveness. According to this study, the weather does influence violent attitudes.

According to other studies, conducted by researchers from the University of California at Berkeley and Princeton University, changes in the climate are closely linked to many of the manifestations of violence that occur on the planet.

Relatively small deviations from normal temperature or rainfall have substantially increased violent attitudes and the risk of conflict  in different places and points in history. The authors were able to show that the Earth’s climate is a variable with a power to influence our behavior and mood greater than expected.

Some examples that this research exposes are the peaks of domestic violence in India and Australia, the increase in assaults and murders in the US and Tanzania. Ethnic violence in Europe and South Asia, land invasions in Brazil, the use of police force in the Netherlands and civil conflicts in the tropics.

“It is strange that a revolution takes place in a climate of calm and common sense. Brains become unbalanced, the imagination becomes confused, darkened, populated with ghosts ”.

-Emile Zola-

Climate, a cause of conflict

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