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Verdi: Biography Of A Giant

The famous musician and composer Giuseppe Verdi possessed extraordinary talent. Beyond his work in music, he was a man of many gifts and lived his life with probity, generosity and strength. His artistic and moral legacy earned him an indisputable place in world history. Parma, Verdi’s homeland, was a duchy awarded successively to Napoleon, the

Boadicea, The Rebel Queen

Year 61 after Christ, British Isles, at some point on the current Watling Street, the great road built by the Roman Empire to connect Wales with the rest of the island. Boadicea, a tall woman (by the standards of the time), with long crimson hair and a strong complexion, quickly ingests a deadly poison, perhaps

Audrey Hepburn, Psychological Portrait

Although twenty years have passed since her disappearance, Audrey Hepburn continues to be that attractive icon that Andy Warhol immortalized one day on his Pop Art canvases ; His face, his figure, come to represent a model of eternal elegance and distinction that even now the new generations want to imitate despite the risks, and