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Our Mental Noise

Being unable to stop thinking is something terrible, that mental noise that constantly accompanies us prevents us from finding our inner stillness and to a greater extent, the connection with ourselves. You are not your mind We live in a time of speed and indeterminacy, surrounded by thousands of tasks that we sometimes put off

5 Everyday Brain Mistakes

There are several everyday brain mistakes that most of us miss. They are called cognitive biases and are due to an inaccurate processing of the information that reality gives us. The reason for these everyday brain errors to arise is that humans need to respond quickly to the stimuli they receive. For that reason, the

Moving Home, More Than A Choice

Family mobilization, multiplicity of personal meanings, emotional turgidity, stress, problem problems … in short, a true crisis. These are just some of the aspects that come into play when someone has to move house, build a new one or decide to remodel an existing one. Because homes say much more about us than we think

The Predictions Of Hans Rosling, The Prophet Of Demography

Hans Rosling’s predictions came to be highly valued when Gapminder, the foundation of which he co-founded, developed an extremely interesting computer program. Its main attribute was to convert statistical series into interactive graphics. From this, Rosling was able to visualize important demographic trends in the world. This Swedish doctor, professor of public health, joked that