Happiness According To Charles Chaplin, An Example To Follow

The character of Charles Chaplin will give us the opportunity to talk about happiness. Do you have a good shipment today? Maybe your pockets are a bit empty, it is possible that you do not live in that house that you always dreamed of or that, right now, you no longer have those people who yesterday, so many smiles tore from your face.

But happiness is not always on those physical planes where we so habitually set our goals. Happiness is not a difficult entelechy to achieve either. It is not a Holy Grail to possess after undertaking a personal crusade. True happiness, authentic happiness, is simply an attitude. A vision. A way from which to observe life.

Happiness is within you and must be cultivated every day. Through the simplest, simplest things. More elementals.

You can, for example, choose to walk the narrowest path and be charged with negativity, surrender, or you can simply approach that side where you can draw strength from yourself and lean towards the positive. For everyday motivation. For the simple illusion that sets goals in tomorrow and that enjoys its present.

We assure you that happiness is a healthy exercise to practice every day. And one way to achieve this is through the vision that a myth in the history of cinema left us: Charles Chaplin. It is possible that you are a faithful admirer of his work, or perhaps his figure is already too distant and lacking in shine.

Today, we want to give you back a part of Charles Chaplin, of that real man who was hiding behind the character. Because we are sure that you are going to love it.

Charles Chaplin, the man behind the character

Surely you know unforgettable works such as The Gold Chimera , Modern Times or The Great Dictator . They are cultural legacies that are already part of us, of our history and of that part of the cinema that built its advance. A humor that spoke of humanity and that was sometimes entangled with the tragic, to always make us smile. A breath sample.

For many, and it may sound somewhat exaggerated, without Charles Chaplin the cinema would not have been the same. We do not know, since this medium has always been nurtured by big names with great ideas, new perspectives from which to innovate the world of celluloid, and with it, our fantasies. Our emotions. Since cinema is still what we have all said at some time, “a dream factory “.

But let’s not lose the thread of our idea. We are talking about happiness. Of happiness understood from the point of view of a cinema icon. Charles Chaplin. Do you perhaps know what was hiding behind that little man with strange gaits? This Briton was gifted with the arts and the scene. She was an acrobat with a keen instinct for comedy. But a comedy seen from a somewhat tragic plane. Bittersweet.

A hard life

He was the man with a thousand faces: actor, director, musician, screenwriter, producer, editor and above all … a man who overcame adversity from a young age. He grew up in the most absolute precariousness. Almost without resources he survived as best he could on stage, always in show business, but with the curse of hunger and malnutrition hanging around him.

His family was one more example of those broken ties where there is no security to grow. Without attachment, without breath. His father never cared too much for him and his siblings, and his mother, despite being another artist on stage, suffered from serious mental disorders that forced her to be confined in sanitariums for long periods of time.

Behind the character, behind those big shoes, his cane and his dusty vest, was his own story. That personal world that was half hidden, because in essence, it was part of it and outlined what it really was.

He was a man who knew how to survive and invent himself. Someone who knew how to draw a smile from tragedy and connect with an audience that knew very well what he was talking about.

Chaplin was a craftsman of emotions, and as such, he left us a worthy legacy not only in the world of cinema, but also through his words. And here we leave you a great example that we hope will serve you:

Reflection of Charles Chaplin

Life is a play that does not allow trials …
So, sing, laugh, dance, cry
and live intensely every moment of your life. ..
… before the curtain down
and the work ends without applause.

Hey hey smile!
but do not hide behind that smile …
Show what you are, without fear.
There are people who dream
of your smile, just like me.

Lives! Try!
Life is no more than a tentative.

Love above all,
love everything and everyone.
Don’t close your eyes to the dirt of the world,
don’t ignore hunger!
Forget the bomb,
but do something to combat it first,
even if you don’t feel like it.

Look for what is good in everything and everyone.
Don’t make defects a distance,
and yes, an approximation.

You accept!
Life, people,
make them your reason for living.

Understand people who think differently than you,
do not disapprove.

Hey! Look …
Look at your back, how many friends …
Have you made someone happy today?
Or did you make someone suffer with your selfishness?

Hey! Don’t run. ..
Why such a rush?
It runs barely inside you.

It sounds!
But don’t harm anyone and
don’t turn your dream into a flight.

Believe! Wait!
There will always be a way out,
a star will always shine.

Cry! Fight!
Do what you like,
feel what is inside you.

Hey …
Listen to what other people
have to say, it’s important.

Go up …
Make the obstacles steps
for what you want to achieve.
But don’t forget those
who failed to climb
the ladder of life.

Discover what is good within you.
Try above all to be people,
I will also try.
Hey You …
now go in peace.
I must tell you that… I LOVE YOU,
simply because you exist.

-Charles Chaplin-