How To Improve Coexistence As A Couple

Some people fear getting to live with their partners. They fear coexistence, they do not know if by living with them the relationship could deteriorate. Perhaps due to bad past experiences, or the simple fact that they are afraid to take that step. An important step towards consolidating the couple.

Living with our partner can be a challenge. It involves stopping thinking exclusively about yourself, maturing, sharing, being careful, responsible. It certainly involves a series of changes. However, we must do a cost-benefit calculation and think about what compensates us the most. If a life alone or a life sharing time and space with the person we love. And no, there are no right or wrong answers.

At this point, we will have many expectations about what living together and adapting to it will mean. If these are positive, there is no doubt that our predisposition will be positive towards taking the big step. If not, it is still an opportunity to try to explore our fears.

Myths about coexistence

Many people believe that with coexistence only problems arise. Rather, what coexistence does is strengthen the relationship. There is also the belief that living together kills passion and brings fights and conflicts to the couple. However, this is completely false.

The above will only happen if we do not work day by day out of love and respect. to that person, be loving and pleasant. Take things for granted, fall into apathy and routine, etc. Let’s now take a closer look at the myths about living together as a couple:

  • The passion just to coexistence : It is false. Maintaining that passion or sexual relations in the couple is something that should be carried out naturally. It is true that the first months or years, it appears with greater intensity and that they diminish, but it all depends on the effort we make to make these constant and pleasant encounters. We must avoid falling into laziness and routine.
  • Opposites attract: Many say that differences attract people. However, in a relationship that you are living together it is totally false. You have to focus more on the things you have in common to strengthen the relationship.
  • Everything must be done as a couple: Another myth. Everyone should have their space to carry out the activities they like the most. It is true that it should be shared with the couple, but we do not always like the same things. Therefore, we must give ourselves that time that each one deserves and do what we enjoy, even if it is not as a couple, because there will always be activities that can be done together.

What should we not do and what to improve?

Just as you have to make an effort to maintain and reinforce coexistence, it is also true that there are aspects that should be avoided :

  • Criticize for criticizing every attitude or thing your partner does. Rather, we should try to encourage the positive and that which is positive and that we like it to do. However, if there is something we do not like, it can be said with love and tact.
  • Getting upset about anything : you have to have patience and tolerance when living with your partner. You must be comprehensive, because everyone has their customs. We no longer live alone and we have to adapt.
  • Not knowing how to listen  and not saying what we think at the right time, before getting angry. Maintaining communication should be one of the rules of coexistence of any couple.
  • Being intolerant : Tolerance as the basis for understanding, knowing how to listen as the basis for promoting quality communication, love as the basis for happiness and transcendence. If we are understanding, we love our partner with their strengths and weaknesses, if we are willing to help and improve, nothing should go wrong.

In conclusion, before taking the step of living with our partner we must think if we are truly prepared. We may have the feeling that one is never truly prepared. However, the natural and majority tendency of people is to share their life with someone else. Follow these little tips and things may be better than you expect.