In Life You Have To Leave Traces, Not Scars

There is a big difference between leaving a mark or leaving scars. The former are indelible marks that we wish to wear with pride on our skin and in our memory, as they make us remember moments of love, friendship and growth.

However, the scars are formed from the damage, the pain, the wounds that abandonment, humiliation, envy or unwanted and unfair loneliness cause us. These are marks that we do not want to have and that remind us of a pain that we have not wanted.

That is why it is important that we look at each of our acts with the interest of doing good and carrying goodness as a flag. T he quality and emotional warmth should be two top priorities when choosing the way in which we want to relate.

Scars are very important, you have to wear them with pride

Once broken, we are indestructible. It’s the good thing about hitting rock bottom, that there is nothing to hold us back, there are no forces that make us dizzy or uncertainty about what awaits us. Then there is only the option to gain momentum and resurface. That is why it is so important to learn from our scars. If we make learning from each of them, there is no doubt that we will have acquired a new level of facing our life.

And it is that sometimes it is inevitable that they hurt us. In fact, it is important that bad things also happen to us, that we know the pain of having played with fire or having cut ourselves with the edge of that razor that we saw shattering everything in its path. On many occasions, those who do not fall, those who do not cut themselves, do not learn. They say that the worst moments are the ones that are learned the most, so when we are injured, the best we can do is try to see what energy the bad moment can bring us.

It is not easy to understand this, but it is something inherent in life. Wounds are not always bad, as they cure us and make us embrace the meaning of life.

Transform each scar into an apprenticeship

It is really the learning that leaves a mark on us regardless of the teaching method. This is important because depending on how we look at what hurt us, we can value it in one way or another. If we only scourge ourselves over and over again with what happened to us, we will be doomed to suffering. However, if we transform it into a growth path, we will know how to obtain the best possible learning from each scar.

That is to say, it is not the same to look at the sun in the middle of the day without protective glasses, than to do it with glasses at sunset. We must be aware that sometimes by thinking about our wounds with resentment and fear, what we are doing is contributing to their infection. That is why it is so important to apply techniques such as mindfulness that teaches us to observe without judging. In this way, we observe but do not get emotionally involved, preventing the wounds from spreading.

So perhaps the best time to look back is not when we feel most vulnerable. For example, if your partner does not call you what you think, perhaps you should avoid thinking about when your ex was unfaithful.

In other words, it is about respecting rhythms and moments, not being emotional masochists and trying to heal the wounds when they play and not when the context favors them to hurt again.

Each person that passes through our life is unique.
He always leaves a little of himself and takes a little of us.
There will be those who will take a lot, but there will be those who will not leave us anything
This is the obvious proof that two souls do not meet by chance.

Jorge Luis Borges

Traces last for a long time

On the other hand, there are people, situations and places that leave an indelible mark on our essence. They give us the opportunity to guide our present by healing our past and our future. It is important to try to live positive situations and get away from what causes us harm. Everything that casts a healthy and positive light will be beneficial to our growth.

This should always be our goal: to leave a mark and help heal those unavoidable pains.This will be our best lifeline, as it will be what fills everything that surrounds us with wonderful meaning. Leaving a mark and not just looking to be left behind, is a task that will even modify our brain structure. Various studies affirm that meditating on love and being kind makes us happier and establishes new synaptic connections at the brain level.

It is important that we do not mark ourselves because we do and that when we do, it is with tact, softness and kindness. This will guarantee links without conflicts and, of course, memories based on harmony, well-being and happiness of having unforgettable people of steel by our side.

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