Life Doesn’t Have To Be Perfect To Be Wonderful

People are used to being very demanding with life and even with ourselves. We set guidelines, objectives and multiple dreams to fulfill. And of course, all of this is not only okay, it is necessary. We all need short and long-term projects to be able to fulfill in order to be proud of ourselves, to acquire personal abilities and skills.

Now, sometimes, those who set high expectations run the risk of not delighting in everyday triumphs, the most humble and that only simple people can appreciate: such as affection, friendship, tranquility …

Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful. We know it is something easy to say, but … Are you one of those who already know? Or are you still involved in your effort to achieve that desired perfection ? Don’t worry, from our space we invite you to reflect on it.

Seekers of everyday perfection

Being demanding and seeking perfection in everything we do is often the reverse of a coin. The demand makes us develop multiple capacities, but at the same time, those who apply a high self-demand rarely feel satisfied.

In reality, perfection is nothing more than a chimera, an intangible aspiration. There are no perfect lives without ups and downs. Existence is a carousel of intense emotions where the ticket has only one objective: to learn every day of our lives.

At times, we hear many of those around us complain in a sad lament with that of “everything bad happens to me,” it is that everything is going well for others and I always go the wrong way “…. These kinds of verbalizations and thoughts have always existed and will always exist. Now, before falling into this type of behavior we must take into account the following:

  • Happiness is not in perfection. No one is guaranteed  absolute happiness just by being rich, attractive, or in good health.
  • Life is measured in moments, and above all, in our ability to be open to reality, to opportunity, to the magic of the simplest details that surround us and to optimism.

I have been rejected in that job I dreamed of so much. Am I to torture myself thinking that I am worthless, that life is determined to turn its back on me? Not at all, I am aware that when one door closes, 6 open, and I will fight for all of them.

  • Who aspires to a perfect life climbs to a peak to try to reach the universe, while every day he loses the wonders that happen at his feet.
  • There is another aspect that we must take into account: whoever lives in self-demand, struggling to have a perfect life, also drags others to fulfill this objective.
  • The person who aspires to achieve a perfect life, usually sets such a high bar for everyone around him, that what he ends up generating is actually great unhappiness.

Life is wonderful for those who let themselves go, for those who know how to appreciate

And you … do you know how to appreciate all the wonders that surround you on a daily basis? Sometimes it is difficult for us due to the rush, to the worries, to that inner noise that prevents us from seeing the magic of life.

Life is not perfect, it is true, and it does not always bring us what we want, but sometimes it is able to offer us what we really deserve: authentic love, the warmth of your loved ones, the admiration of those who really love you.

Not everyone is capable of discovering or appreciating the most authentic essence of everyday life :

  • That light that happens every morning for everyone equally.
  • The rumor of a family, yours, getting up to have breakfast with you in harmony and tranquility.
  • An accomplice hand that caresses you
  • The mischievous smile of your children
  • A meter that is delayed and that allows you to read a few more pages of that book
  • That health that allows you to come and go, run, sleep, swim, love …
  • That weekend nap on the couch with your pet
  • The smell of the wet earth after the storm
  • The languid sunset on a quiet beach

Life is moments that are inscribed in the day to day with subtle serenity. It is a language of its own that has its own rhythm and that not everyone knows how to appreciate, because there are those who go against the current, in too much haste, with out-of-tune hearts and an upset mind.

Life is wonderful without the need to be perfect, because what is perfect lacks error or equivocation, and then there is no learning.

Existence is sometimes a harsh teacher, and there is its greatness, and also its madness, there its chaos and its pleasures, those that we must live against the grain without seeking perfection, only the moments to enjoy with the maximum of our strength.

Image Courtesy: Pascal Campion, Nancy Zhang

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