Victim, Persecutor And Savior: Three Existential Positions

The psychologist Stephen Karpman was the one who posited the idea that manipulation mechanisms are often installed in non-genuine human relationships that he called “control games. ” In them, those involved end up adopting basically three existential roles or positions: victim, persecutor and savior. These existential positions are typical of human relationships that lack authenticity.

Our Mental Noise

Being unable to stop thinking is something terrible, that mental noise that constantly accompanies us prevents us from finding our inner stillness and to a greater extent, the connection with ourselves. You are not your mind We live in a time of speed and indeterminacy, surrounded by thousands of tasks that we sometimes put off

The Possessiveness Of Love

Possessiveness is closely linked to jealousy, one of the great responsible for destroying relationships. But it is also a self-destructive feeling related to fear, mistrust and insecurity that possessive people feel. A feeling that acts slowly but steadily, gradually undermining the couple until they break up. But it is essential to distinguish between love and

Late, A New Kind Of Dementia

Alzheimer’s disease is today one of the most widespread in the world with more than 46 million people affected. Thus, the study of dementias in general is one of the greatest challenges facing science today. Despite having come a long way, there is still much to discover and it is, therefore, inevitable to continue to