Palapa D at 113.0°E Biss Keys All Full List 2021

Palapa D at 113.0°E Biss Keys All Full List 2021

Palapa D at 113.0°East All TV Channels New Biss Key here Update

Palapa-D was planned to be replaced by Nusantara Dua (Palapa-N1) satellite; the launch of Nusantara Dua on 9 April 2020 by Chinese Long March 3B/E rocket was a failure, resulting in the loss of the satellite. A replacement satellite (Nusantara 2R or Palapa N1R) to be built by the same manufacturer (China Academy of Space Technology) is being considered, albeit with possible different specifications with the lost one.

Palapa D 113.0’E
TP: 3786 H 5632
SID :0001
Biss Key : 12 34 56 9C 65 43 21 C9

Palapa D at 113°E
Tennis WTA on O Channel
Freq.3835 H 7000
Freq.4732 H 12250
Biss Key : 67 BD 4 86C 93A C 64 A3

Palapa sat D 113°E
EFL.Champions League on TVRI
Freq.3768 H 4000
Freq.3763 H 3500
Biss Key : 15 A6 20 DB 18 FB 08 1B

FREQ: 3768 H 4000
SID: 0003
Biss Key : AB 80 17 42 CD 20 19 06

Palapa-D was built with a design life of fifteen years, but due to the expenditure of fuel during maneuvers to correct its orbit, it is expected to have enough fuel for about ten years of operations, according to Reynald Seznec, President of Thales Alenia Space.



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