People With A Point Of Healthy Madness, Spread Magic And Courage

People with a point of healthy madness light up smiles in moments of decay, they are our daily energy, our colored soul for gray days and the reflection of that courage that always knows how to find the good side of things. Few personalities can be as enriching as those who make constant illusion the true engine of their lives.

When asked if one is born with this kind of somewhat uninhibited but responsible positivism or if, on the contrary, it is the circumstances that favor this way of facing things, it must be said that there is no scientific agreement on the subject. Each of us has very specific personality traits, but the environment and our own experiences can also determine us.

I have no problem being normal, but a touch of healthy madness always suits me better, although I admit that it is a pleasure that only crazy people understand.

Lewis Carroll used to say that madness is that state in which happiness is no longer unattainable. Perhaps the author of “Alice in Wonderland” was referring rather to that madness where there is a certain absence of “reason”, but in our case,rather, we want to talk to you about that attitude full of energy, openness and spontaneity where balance and reason do live

We explain it to you.

Healthy madness, source of happiness and motivation

We are sure that on some occasion, you will have shared a moment of intense laughter with someone after committing a daring act that has been as stimulating as it is fun. After that, you will have told that person that “you are crazy”.

These are moments where our brain gratifies us with a good dose of serotonin and dopamine, those neurotransmitters associated with motivation and joy where, in addition, oxytocin can be added in many cases. It is the hormone that flows with love and affection, which will make us tighten even more the bond with that person capable of “making us vibrate”, of giving us intense and joyful emotions when we need it most.

Joy, as well as this type of healthy madness, is tremendously contagious. So much so, that according to a study carried out in 2008 in the “FBirmingham Heart Study ”, this feeling of well-being and happiness can extend up to 3 degrees within our social circle. In other words, the happiness that we have received can even impact up to two more people (just imagine coming home and explaining to our partner or our parents what has happened to us or we have done).

Sometimes true madness, the healthiest and most authentic, is rooted in that wisdom that has made the resolution to relativize things and allow itself to enjoy, and this can undoubtedly benefit us all.

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