Phrases With The Power To Change Your Day

Motivational phrases are like little capsules with vitamins for the soul. They manage to synthesize great truths in a few words. They have the virtue of forcefulness. When you read them, they echo in your memory and offer you a guide to understand life, or to act wisely in different circumstances.

In The Mind is Wonderful we have compiled some of those great sentences. We leave them for you as a brief catalog of teachings, which you can consult at any time.

“All reading must be accompanied by meditation, it is the only way to find in books what others could not find in them” Levaye

“Sow an idea and you will reap a wish;
sow a wish and you will reap an action;
Sow an action, reap a habit;
Plant a habit and you will harvest character;
sow a character and you will reap a destiny ”
William James

Think big and your facts will grow.
Think small and you will be left behind.
Think that you can and will.
Everything is in his mental attitude ”
Christian Barnard

“Life is too short to be small” Benjamin Disraeli

“Every great project must have a beginning, but it is in continuity, until the end, where the real gain is obtained” Linares

“The man who has moved mountains always began dreaming that he would move pebbles” Marden

“Nothing is impossible; there are roads that lead to everything. If I had enough will, I would always have the necessary means ”La Roche Faucauld

“An objective, a goal, a target, serve to determine the action of today and obtain the result of tomorrow” Peter Drucker

“I do not sing to be happy, I am happy because I sing” William James

“Nothing good happens that was not once a dream” Cari Sandburg

“When a man knows where he is going, the whole world moves aside to make way for him” Bertrand Russell

“The secret of my great success was to surround myself with people better than me” Andretv Carnegie

“If your everyday life seems poor to you, don’t complain about it; complain about yourself, tell yourself that you are not a poet enough to configure your wealth ”Rilke

“There are many more opportunities in search of capable men, than capable men in search of opportunities” Old saying

“Each one is the architect of his own fortune” Cervantes

“The main thing is to have the courage to admit our mistakes and the willpower to correct them in the shortest possible time” J. Stalin

“The reason is cold, but see clearly; the emotion should warm it, but without losing that clarity ”J. Balmes

“We often use our sight as an instrument, we rarely enjoy it” M. Drury

“Apparently, success is a matter of persevering when others have already given up” William Feather

“It is never too late to be the person you could have been” – George Eliot
“A tulip is not trying to impress anyone. It does not strive to be different from a rose. You don’t have to. Is different. And there is room in the garden for each flower ”- Marianne Williamson

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens. But we often look at the closed door so much that we are not able to see the door that has been opened in front of us. ”- Hellen Keller

“Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible, and suddenly you will find yourself doing the impossible.” – San Francisco de Asis

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