The Importance Of Art In Child Development

Art in child development plays a more important role than we think, in addition to being considered a fundamental discipline for the education of children. On the one hand, artistic activities stimulate the learning of other subjects such as reading or mathematics and, on the other, they favor the development of perception, motor skills and social interaction.

In addition, using art as a vehicle of expression for children is very enriching, as it can become a great form of communication for them. Through the different types of artistic activities they can reveal their thoughts, feelings and interests.

Promoting art in childhood implies providing strategies to channel the different forms of expression of children.

For pedagogue Lina Idárraga, a specialist in children’s plastic expression, art is an experience that allows children to express feelings. It can even be used to treat all kinds of disabilities due to the large number of beneficial properties they offer.

According to this author, children transmit ideas and feelings through music, dance and body language. If adults can interpret this language, then they can enter the world of children.

Furthermore, psychologists agree that delving into art is positive at any age. However, early childhood is the ideal period to teach children the different artistic disciplines that exist due to their great capacity to  easily absorb any type of learning.

The importance of art in child development

Next we will see what impact art can have on child development.

1- the music

The music has been introduced into the educational curriculum in preschool ages because of the importance it represents this type of art in child development. For example, in areas such as intellectual, auditory, sensory, speech and motor.

The musical language is universal and the little ones who live in contact with music get all kinds of benefits. Among other things, they learn to live better with other children, learn to relax, and their hearing is stimulated.

In addition, music favors learning through children’s songs, in which the rhymes and repetitions are continuous and are accompanied by gestures when singing. In a fun way, the little ones increase their vocabulary and understand better the meaning of words.

On the other hand, singing songs to babies and listening to music with them, in addition to producing changes at a physiological level, favors the development of a strong affective bond with parents. In addition, it stimulates your emotional intelligence.

2- The literature

The psychologists  specialized in early stimulation of reading agree that reading is a habit that hardly acquired in adulthood . And it is that, in general, the love for reading has only possibilities to consolidate when it has been awakened in childhood.

Children’s reading is one of the most enriching activities in the world. It develops cognitive abilities such as memory, language, the capacity for abstraction and imagination.

Books reveal to children a wonderful world of dreams and fun. Reading at an early age and focused in a playful way causes children not to understand it as an obligation, but as a form of entertainment. In this way, it  will be much easier for them to incorporate books into their repertoire of games and activities in their free time .

However, regardless of whether children begin to read at school, this learning will need reinforcement at home to develop fully . Supporting them in this will strengthen your bonds with them and help create a very special relationship. Therefore, reading should not be seen as an obligation, but as a fun time to share.

3- Drawing and painting

Drawing and painting are two artistic activities that facilitate and allow the child to improve in many areas . Among other things, they help develop fine motor skills, writing, reading,  creativity and increase self-confidence.

In addition, these disciplines are an excellent means for the child to express his feelings, emotions and sensations. As if this were not enough, it contributes significantly to the formation of your personality and psychological maturity .

To encourage natural creativity, it is advisable to promote free drawing . With it, the child can unleash his imagination and his personal way of expressing himself. For this, it is advisable to facilitate access to different materials such as waxes, plasticine, finger paints and watercolors, and to different drawing supports such as blackboard, murals, cardboard, fabric …

“The painter has the Universe in his mind and in his hands.”

-Leonardo da Vinci-

4- The theater

Another way to introduce art into child development is through theater. Practicing this discipline helps children learn important values ​​such as respect and tolerance.

In children’s theater, children perform plays in which they  have to put themselves in the shoes of people who are very different from themselves. Thus, they can identify with the characters learning from their experience. This will encourage your open-mindedness.

The theater can also open the doors to imagination and creation. And although these benefits can be achieved simply by taking the child to see a play, they will be amplified if he is the one acting .

5- Body expression

Through movement and body expression, children enhance and promote their physical development : healthy growth of the body, safe handling, maintaining flexibility and developing natural abilities to move, run, jump and turn. . They also acquire the balance, coordination and control necessary for their evolutionary development.

In addition to these physical capacities, the expression of children through the body and movement clearly affects the development of their emotional intelligence , as well as in social and creative aspects. So while body language is not normally considered a type of art, it can provide some benefits as interesting as those in more classical disciplines .

In the end, the important thing is to promote art in child development to allow children to express their feelings in any way. Therefore, if you have a little one at home, one of the best things you can do for him is to promote his artistic side .

“The imagination does not become great until the human being, given his courage and strength, uses it to create. If that happens, the imagination becomes only a spirit that wanders in the void ”.

-María Montessori-

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