The Predictions Of Hans Rosling, The Prophet Of Demography

Hans Rosling’s predictions came to be highly valued when Gapminder, the foundation of which he co-founded, developed an extremely interesting computer program. Its main attribute was to convert statistical series into interactive graphics. From this, Rosling was able to visualize important demographic trends in the world.

This Swedish doctor, professor of public health, joked that everyone wanted to look on their computer, because there the growth of the economy appeared before anywhere else. He was right. Hans Rosling’s predictions on demography also allow us to infer the fate of the economy.

Instead of being carried away by prejudice, statistics have the potential to open our eyes, to give us a picture of the world based on facts. In this way, more than ever before in our history, we can become authors of our own destiny ”.

-Hans Rosling-

It is not free that Google acquired its Trendalyzer program  in 2007. Based on this, the multinational communications company publishes its famous Motion Chart . It shows the main demographic and economic trends, so that everyone knows them. But what were those Hans Rosling predictions that show what our immediate future will be like ? Let’s go deeper.

The future of the world will be defined in the bedrooms

Although this physician and researcher was a very rigorous academic, he also had a great sense of humor. This is why Hans Rosling’s predictions have a touch of sympathy. This, for example, tells us that the world’s economy is decided not on Wall Street , or the International Monetary Fund, but in people’s bedrooms.

This simply means that the future of the economy depends on the number of children each couple has. He managed to establish that when the quality of life increases, the birth rate decreases. This is the opposite of what happened in the past, when economic growth triggered the birth rate. Each country, then, is in the hands of what happens in the bedroom of its inhabitants.

Africa, one of Hans Rosling’s predictions

One of Hans Rosling’s predictions that has attracted the most attention is the one referring to the African continent. In his view, Africa will have significant economic growth between 2015 and 2050. That is why he refers to it as emerging China.

He assures that the economy that will grow the fastest in the world will be the African one. Rosling says that whoever wants to become a millionaire should invest in Africa, where educated women already represent 20% of the population in countries like Tanzania, Ethiopia and Ghana. This will promote demographic change and promote growth.

The retirement age will be extended

The world is getting old and the older population is increasing considerably. In some countries, adults over 65 are becoming a very significant segment. For many nations it will be too onerous to have a large group of population completely unproductive.

Rosling points out that in the near future the retirement age will be around 75 years. Few countries could afford to have a large group of people “playing golf” for a period of 10 years. In addition, advances in science have caused the diseases of old age to appear later.

Asian woman

Another of the most striking predictions of Hans Rosling is the one that refers to Asian women. According to their data, in several of these countries there is a paradoxical situation. On the one hand, women have conquered an important place in the academic and work world. However, deeply macho customs continue to prevail within society.

This has led many Asian women, especially in Singapore and Taiwan, to dismiss marriage as a life option. They know that if they marry they will be subjected to severe limitations by their husbands, and even their in-laws. That is why the birth rate is decreasing at accelerated rates, while the presence of oriental women in the market is increasing by leaps and bounds.

Controlling migration is essential for the world

For Hans Rosling, migration is one of the most difficult phenomena in the world. For that reason, it is a reality that will become increasingly restricted and persecuted. This applies mainly to migrants who go to rich countries seeking better opportunities.

Rosling says this ends up breaking families and enriching illegal businesses. Therefore, the trend is aimed at establishing increasingly rigid controls over this practice. For the expert, if it is achieved, the migrants themselves, their families and their countries of origin will win.

All of Hans Rosling’s predictions are based on a careful study of the available data. Demographic forecasts have been shown to be highly accurate. Therefore, it is not surprising that in the coming years we will see how each of these forecasts comes true.