What My Three-legged Dog Has Taught Me

My three-legged dog always leaves me behind. His lively gaze, his impatience, and his unruly joy with no expiration date have taught me that life will always be fuller and more rewarding if we focus on what we have rather than what we lack. Because the most important thing is the heart and your attitude and it does not matter if you are missing one, two or three legs.

Among all the people who take the noble and needy step of adopting an animal, there are those who choose to give a new opportunity to a dog or cat with a disability. What they bring us in these cases is something so intense as well as enriching, that we want to share with you three wonderful examples that will make you reflect and that will undoubtedly serve as an example. Inspirational .

My three-legged dog has taught me that there is something more powerful than electricity and stronger than a hundred men put together: the will and not seeing limitations where there are new possibilities.

It is curious to see how in the case of dogs, their survival instinct will cause most of their physical disabilities to be counteracted by their tireless desire to search, play and continuous interaction with their human family. Now, an abandoned dog, an animal with no ties other than its own loneliness, will gradually stop “investing” in its survival, no matter how many legs its body has. 

However, the simple fact of feeling part of a group, of a family that offers encouragement, love and trust will shape not only that fourth “leg” that the disabled animal is missing, it will also offer hope to run with more vigor. never.

The three-legged dog that knows how to fly, Maty the champion

We will start by telling you the story of Maty, a three-legged dog from Oregon who holds nothing more and nothing less than two titles. The first for being a champion of “Disco Skyhoundz” (the classic frisbee that our dogs like so much), the second, for being an ambassador of the “Animal Protection” of her country.

When Maty was just a puppy, she was adopted into a nursing home. It was here that she caught a virus, a staph infection that nearly killed her.  The vets had to amputate one of the legs, and although they thought that this would change his life forever, it was not like that.

To promote her rehabilitation, she was enrolled in Frisbee courses and tournaments, where to everyone’s surprise … Maty learned to “fly” . Outperformed four-legged adult dogs in jumping and acrobatics.

Today Maty works in homes for the elderly and in schools, taking part in a program to motivate and set an example to all people with physical or psychological problems, to whom to give support, to whom to set an example. Wonderful, no question.

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