When It’s Time To Say Goodbye To Your Children (the Empty Nest Syndrome)

Saying goodbye to the people you love the most is not easy and even less so if it is your children. As parents, we know that at a certain point they will have to fly out of the nest, but although we believe we are prepared to face this situation, when it comes everything changes and our world collapses.

It is normal to feel sadness and grief at the departure of our children. We have been responsible for them since they were little, we have taught them almost everything we could in life and we have been there to help and support them when necessary. But this will change. Now they are going to make their life, they will become independent.

“The goal is to leave”
-Giusseppe Ungaretti-

There are many parents who refuse to accept this reality and this causes serious conflicts with their children. Although it is difficult to say goodbye to them, they have to understand that this emancipation is good for them and that it is part of the cycle of life. When this is not the case, we are faced with the empty nest syndrome.

When saying goodbye hurts

The empty nest syndrome is a feeling full of sadness and loneliness. Parents are unable to cope with the departure of their children and anxiety begins to appear in their lives. As much as they may have thought they were ready for this moment, they weren’t so ready. Many within you refuse to accept this reality.

Today this situation has been magnified. The young take longer to leave the nest, some even never do. The economic situation or the comfort of continuing to live with the parents means that they do not have the need to prepare for a future departure, they believe that their children will always be with them.

It is true that if you have more than one child this may not be so difficult. One will go, but the other may stay. On the other hand, if you have only had one descendant, their departure will be more painful. He is your only son and you don’t want to lose him. The very fact that he goes on vacation away from you for a long time already causes you a certain fear.

Letting go is easy when a healthy parent-child relationship has been maintained

It also influences the fact that the ties may be more or less strong in the relationship with the parents. For example, if we meet a single mother who has had to raise her child alone, the bond will probably be much more dependent than if the situation had been different. In this case, the mother has relied heavily on the child and does not conceive of living her life apart from him.


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