Your Life, Your Rules

When we were children, we were educated by the adults around us through rules. They were in charge of transmitting their ideas and teaching us everything they knew. While they educated us, they decided for us. That way they taught us which things were okay and which were not. In education Formal something similar happened. We always had someone to tell us what we should study or say. And then they decided if we were ready to move on.

Now, it’s your life. There is only one boss in your life: you. You are your own boss and you should not allow anyone to rule your life. Inside you, there is only room for one passenger, and it is you. Try to visualize, even if it seems strange, that you are the passenger but also the pilot. The direction your life takes is up to you.

It is not a question of habits. If you observe, you do many things out of habit. Things that you may not even care about. It’s time for you to review why you have these habits and where they come from. Most of them are inherited and some can be very good, because they give you a sense of belonging and value irrefutable ancestral knowledge.

These habits or customs are not necessarily bad and you do not always have to deny them. It is about adopting them of your own accord when you are convinced that it is the best for you.

Enforce your rules

The time has come when you have to act as your own guide and choose a path, your path.  To do this, you must mark and clearly define what the rules that mark your routine will be. You may be thinking: “If I’m my own boss, I’m not going to be so strict.” Big mistake.

Your own rules will bring you to order. You will transform into a person with defined objectives and the path to them well laid out

Many times, it is difficult to accept a new way of life, not only for you, but also for your environment. Some people  expect a certain behavior from you , or certain responses to certain events. Accept it first and then the others will have no alternative.

The rules don’t limit you

It is easy to believe that if you have a very structured life, it is very limited . It’s not like that. Rules and order give you more freedom. The important thing is that you are clear about the path and set clear rules for yourself, surely you will be able to do many more things.

When you clearly abide by your rules, you follow them every day and you are comfortable with the way you act, discipline comes by itself. It is something that works and that many times can make you a little lazy, but it will be very comforting to obtain it.

When you have discipline in your life, you will feel balanced. Balance is the consequence and the best way to achieve your goals, get to fulfill your greatest desires and feel really happy. Balance is achieved by respecting yourself.

Your life belongs to you, you must rule in it and make the right decisions, to reach a good destination

If you have a set path and established rules, try not to modify them too often . It is clear that some can be uncomfortable and then you will have to redesign it. And also, remember that there is that of the “exception to the rule.”

You define your results

As is your life and are your rules, you are solely responsible for the result . It depends only on you how far you can go. Remember that you are a pilot and a passenger, you must have the ability to command and obey you at the same time. I know it is difficult, but with discipline you can achieve anything.

It is paradoxical, because if you can accept your own rules, be your own boss and have good discipline, your life will have no limits . You will feel so in balance, that you will be able to see and imagine solutions that you had not thought possible. The key is to analyze everyday activities and expand creative ones.

It’s your life, don’t be afraid to create and define what you want

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